Welcome to the Nurture Nook

The Home of Parent and Baby Wellness

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Welcome to the Nurture Nook

Welcome to the home of Parent and Baby Wellness in Essex!

The Nurture Nook offers classes and workshops, from pregnancy yoga, to baby massage to potty training, with the aim to support you and your baby from conception to 2 years

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Mission Statement

I am on a mission to strengthen the budding bonds between parents and their little ones. Through a supportive and nurturing approach, I impart wisodom, knowledge and useful tools that help parents cherish the pivotal role.

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What to expect at the Nook

Pregnancy Yoga
Relaxation Classes
Newborn Nurture Workshops
Beginners Baby Massage
Advanced Baby Massage
Baby Yoga
Sling Dance Classes
Sling Consultancy
Reusable Nappy Consultancy
Colic Workshops
Developmental Play Classes
Baby Care Workshops
Tummy Time Workshops
Daddy and Me Massage
Potty Training Workshops
Sleep Consultancy

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