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Blissful Bumps


Not sure Hypnobirthing is for you?

Feel you want real, practical tools to use through your labour?

Want a mothers only course with an optional birthing partner workshop?


Launched in October 2020 our Blissful Bumps course is an empowering birth programme, promoting informed choice and unbiased education allowing you to birth your way.

We support mums to be to understand what happens at each stage of labour and the best way to navigate through it using practical methods, from breathing techniques to using a birthing ball effectively.

We believe every birth is individual and designed to encourage women to listen to their instincts. We aren’t about teaching a specific technique, we are about giving you a birthing tool box that you can confidently use and adapt to how you are feeling and how your birth experience is unfolding.

What happens in each Session?

We begin by sitting and enjoying a beautiful pregnancy tea or cold drink and discussing anything that has come up for the group during that week. Once everyone has arrived and settled we begin with that weeks educational session.

We then move to the floor. This portion of the session includes Pregnancy Yoga and gentle birthing ball exercise – we get you moving to encourage baby into the optimal position for birth and practice any active birth positions or tools we have discussed that evening, that need the space to practice

We close the session with breathing practice and deep relaxation

Who we work with

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