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Tree Babies

Join us as we step out into nature and spend time with baby closely cocooned against your skin.

This is a class for our baby wearers and is suitable for newborns to 12 months.

Within this class, we really slow ourselves down, being in the present, enjoying some grounding and mindfulness exercises, before you spend that time journeying into nature and embracing elements of forest bathing.

We then head back to our the Nook and spend some time journaling before we get creative with the elements and natures gifts, whilst enjoying a warm drink and a biscuit.


Moo Music

Baby Moo

This multi-award winning class, suitable for newborns to sitting babies incorporates massage, yoga, sensory, dress up, instruments, puppets and music.

Designed to support your babies development let Maggie and the Croo take you on a different adventure each and every week building on muscle developmment, cognitive development, bonding and motor skills.



Babywearning & Pregnancy Dance

As a certified GrovaRoo dance teacher and Babywearing Consultant I will accompany you and your baby on a journey of connection through movement. This is a line dancing class whilst babywearing, any skill level welcome!
At GroovaRoo, we strive to create a safe, sacred, & soulful bonding experience between you and your baby from prenatal through your child’s first 1000 days GroovaRoo is a babywearing dance organization that focuses on developing connections through movement and music. It is a great opportunity to not only bond with your child, but to meet other caregivers as well.

  • 45 Min long on line classes of line dancing carrying your baby in a sling.
  • Suitable from children ages from the 6-8wks postnatal check till 2 years.
  • Open to all dancing abilities.
  • Baby during the dance must face inword (heart to heart) or back carried if older.
  • Sling is not provided.

Tree Tots

Tree Tots classes are for babies that are able to walk for approximately 20 minutes, up to 4 years/ school age.

These classes are very similar to Tree Babies classes: we will practice grounding and breathing exercises (using bubbles); yoga-inspired stretches; forest bathing; create nature art and hold a gratitude circle. Please bring a drink and a snack to enjoy at the end of the class.

Tree Tots will run for 60 minutes and will be adapted to the age of the children that attend.



BuggyBeat was created by the international fitness leader and proud mum Rachel Holmes. BuggyBeat is the combination of Rachel’s expert fitness and nutrition knowledge alongside her experience of being a mum to bring you a unique, parent friendly fitness programme.

At BuggyBeat we understand how difficult it can be to find the time to stay fit whilst caring for a little one. That’s why Rachel created a programme that combines keeping fit and spending quality time with your baby or toddler.




This once a month evening session is designed for mums at any point in their journey, expecting, new or experienced!

Join us for a range of activities that change each month, from Neals Yards facials, to making your own bath salts, to journalling to hand and foot treatments.

We begin with breathing and relaxation excerises, followed by an activity finishing with a deep meditiation with a hot eye mask, finishing with a hot drink.

Its the perfect me time, to refresh and rejuvinate you ready for the month ahead



Sweaty Mama is a unique and effective way to exercise with your child. No need to organise childcare, Sweaty Mama allows you to bond with your child whilst you undertake the workout, with the option to utilise their weight to intensify the exercise. Over the course of sessions, you gradually build up your fitness level and strengthen your core to rehabilitate your body after having a child. A fab, fun workout to upbeat music both you and your child will love!

Babies from 6 weeks to Preschoolers welcome

£40 for 6 week block


Pre Natal, Post Natal, or just on your own, we have 3 types of Mamilates class. Mamilates are low impact sessions focusing on core strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation with varying options which support you & challenge you to gradually building your strength and fitness. We also host pre and post-natal sessions with Bump and with Baby for all our Mamas and Mamas to be. With various exercises focusing on controlled breathing, relaxation, strengthening, re- balance and toning which will aid birth, help with recovery after birth, repair diastasis recti and strengthen the pelvic floor

Babies from 6 weeks to Preschoolers welcome

£40 for a 6 week block

Tree Of Life

Becoming a mum is a universal and unique experience. We all have a story about this life changing event. Having a space to bring together the our experience of becoming a mum and who we were before, allows us to process such a significant change to our identiy.

Have you become a mum and wondered – “Who am I?”, “Am i doing anything right?”, “How can I be me and a mum?” or “What kind of mum am I?”.. Then The Tree of Life Workship is for you!

A Kind and warm way of reconnecting you with your strengths whilst also drawing on the positive aspects of you that can lost along the way in the journey of Motherhood. Our resident Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Chancy Marsh will take you throught 2 hours of an uplifting group workshop that rediscover who you are

£25 per person

Starting Solids

Weaning Workshop

As your baby develops, it’s time to start thinking about weaning. There’s so much information out there, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where BabyBien comes in – we’re here to support you and provide you with evidence based info to help you approach this part of your baby’s development feeling confident and informed.

The starting solids workshop is the perfect way to guide you through all the information available and help you introduce your baby to solid foods in a relaxed & confident way. 

Non-Mobile babies welcome

£20 per person

My Yogi Tribe

Providing Fertility, Pregnancy and Women’s Yoga, Sam supports women wherever they are in their journey.

Classes are open to all levels, whether you are completely new to yoga or a seasoned mat treader and run every Tuesday Evening

Baby Essentials

First Aid Workshop

This multi award winning class is suited to anyone who would like to have basic first aid and emergency life saver training. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, babysitter or carer, this training can benefit everyone.

Our family and carer classes Lead by Michelle of Daisy First Aid teach you how to deal with an accident or emergency involving babies and children during a 60 minute workshop

Our family first aid classes are accredited by CPD Standards Office

Course Content:

Treatment of an unconscious casualty
Baby and child Recovery Positions,
Shock, Baby and child Resuscitation & CPR,
Baby and child Choking,
Head injuries, Fever, Febrile Seizures,
Bleeding, Burns, Fractures, Anaphylaxis,
Meningitis, Other Childhood conditions.

Non-Mobile Babies welcome

£15 per person

Love Foundations – Beginners Baby Massage

Our Love foundations class is lead by Danni, our residnt baby expert. A fully qualfied maternity nurse, and baby massage instructor Danni is qualified to teach you massage right from birth.

Our Trademarked Massage Course is aliment focused, teaching you 5 full body routines Including reflexology to not only relax your little one but to help you support them with common issues they may have, constipation, teething, colic and colds.

This course is like no other. Danni uses her experience and qualifications to support you with each of the topics including sleep and any other questions you may have.

Price includes, manual, a certification, Neals Yard Luxury oil, materials to make a bespoke teething necklace in week 3 and bespoke painted peppermint graduation gift

£65 non- members/Included in our membership

Mini Phonics with Robot Reg

Each class gives toddlers the opportunity to explore sounds and rhymes, and develop and enhance speaking and listening skills as well as activities to improve gross motor skills.

The class is a perfect introduction to phonics as class sizes are kept small to allow teacher/child interaction and give every child the opportunity to take part and succeed.

Love, Stretch & Grow – Beginners Baby Yoga

Learn, Stretch & Grow is a class perfect for babies from 12 weeks to crawling. These clases are designed as the perfect follow on from baby massage. Starting with some gentle stretches for mum, we move on to advanced massage and then introduce them to yoga and build on those amazing developmental foundations you laid in massage. We end with some relaxation for mum and time for a chat and a cuppa after.

£45 non- members/Included in our membership

Sanctuary for new parents and babies

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