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Pregnancy Classes


Blissful Bumps

Relaxation & Newborn Nurture Classes for expectant Mothers



Learn a birth method that uses self-hypnosis and relaxation to reduce pain and anxiety during childbirth


Pregnancy Yoga

Suitable from your second Trimester


Pregnancy Retreats

Suitable from your second Trimester



Low impact workouts for expectant ladies


Open Evenings

Blissful Bellies

This is our signature pregnancy class, It is the prefect compliment if you are attending, NCT or NHS Classes. Suitable from the second trimester, each week we start with some gentle stretching, and then over a cuppa each week we cover a topic for nuturing and supporting your baby in the first few days and weeks and how to plan for the first few weeks after giving birth, topics include settling and soothing, understanding your babies cues, and newborn care. We then end with some deep relaxation suitable for pregnancy, helping you bond with your baby, and leving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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Pregnancy Yoga

These classes are brought to you by the lovely Sam from My Yogi Tribe. Learn breathing techniques for labour, stretch and strengthen with pregnancy, Bond with baby through beautiful guided mediations and learn tips and tricks to help you have an empowered, positive birth

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Pregnancy Retreats

Our retreats are a brilliant chance to step out of every day life and connect with yourself and your growing baby. Held at the absolutley stunning Orsett Hall in Essexm spend a full day being nurtured, taking time out to connect with yourself and your baby and meet other expectant mums. With Breakfast and Lunch included a full day of relaxation, pampering, and special workshops you will leave feeling refreshed, glowing and maybe with a few tips and tricks to help you prepare for birth, Includes workshops with the Nurture Nook, Sweaty Mama, Shutterbugs and La La Lambs with special guest, the Twentishmum Blogger sharing her experience as she prepares for baby number 3 to arrive!
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Mamilates – Pregnancy Workouts

Provided by Sweaty Mama, the low impact classes are perfect for expectant mothers. Focusing on core strength, balance, flexibility and relavation. Briliant for making new friends, keeping moving and adapting to your changing body.


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