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Trying to Concieve

Fertility Yoga

Our Yoga for Fertility classes take a holistic approach to fertility. Sam from My Yoga Tribe Covers a different topic in each 8 week class, such as stress reduction and fertility, nutrition and fertility, and the power of positivity on your fertility journey. Using feminine yoga principles, we focus on pranayama for stress reduction and enhancing fertility and we use yoga asana to decrease stress, regulate hormones and build a lovely healthy endometrial lining. You will also be taught how to adapt asana as per menstrual cycle and fertility treatments. Our guided savasana and meditations are all beautiful and written specifically for fertility journeys.

Please do not feel you need to have an ‘infertility’ (we hate that word!) diagnosis before coming to these classes. These classes are for ALL women who are trying to conceive not just those going through fertility treatments. They are for women interested in taking a holistic approach to their fertility.

The effectiveness of yoga in aiding fertility have been shown in scientific studies! Yoga therapies have been found to improve reproductive functions both in men and women! (Sengupta & Chaudhuri, 2013 & Sengupta, 2012). The most famous studies linking yoga to fertility have been done by Dr Alice Domar at the Mind/Body Institute at Harvard Medical Centre. In her studies, ‘infertile’ women (i.e. women who had been trying to conceive to no success for over a year) were assigned to either a control group, or to a group who participated in peer-support discussions, or to a group that received training in mind/body techniques such as yoga and meditation. Her studies showed that women who practiced mind/body techniques achieved pregnancies at a rate almost three times that of the control group. (Domar, 2002).

  • Suitable for anyone trying to concieve

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