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Developmental Play Programme

Our Developmental Play Program has been designed by baby expert Danielle Robbins to support your little one from birth to walking. Every class will support your baby and you in its own merit, or you can, as many of our clients do, move through the stages together with other parents that become life long friends


This is the first level of our developmental play programme developed by baby specialist and founder Danielle.

Each week we take your baby on a gentle sensory adventure in darkness with a whole world of adventure brought to life by our light shows and age appropriate props and yes we have lots of twinkly lights!

Building on all the foundations your created in our developmental baby massage and yoga course we use massage, yoga inspired movements and props to support your baby’s cognitive and physical development. Class are fun and engaging and end in a beautiful reflexology routine and chill time for their grown up with a hug in a mug.

What happens in a Twinkles class?

Our twinkles classes have been designed to incorporate lots of different aspects to really give your baby a varied play diet!


We move on from the simple baby massage routines you may have learnt in our developmental baby massage course to show you how you and baby can continue to benefit from massage for years to come buy teaching you short routines to music and your favourite nursery rhymes.


Baby yoga builds on all the of developmental foundations laid during your baby massage course, in Twinkles we use Yoga inspired stretches and movements to help baby relax, aid digestion and sleep as well as body awareness and flexibility


As a tummy time practitioner this play position is often over looked or not understood, yet the practice that you do now will support your child into adult hood, it is a vital position for sensory input, spine development, organ placement and will believe it or not help your child with writing once they start school!


All of our sessions are set to fun and engaging music with songs that you are guaranteed to be humming at home! Music and rhythm is key for language acquisition, Listening skills and more. Combined with movement and our fantastic age appropriate props and light shows we really stimulate your little one gently in every way

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Once your little one is sitting they are ready for more!

Bluebells helps your little one explore their independence but still has elements of one on one time that parents love, with the EYFS woven throughout it is the perfect class for your little one

The first part of the class is structured allowing your baby to have their senses brought alive, with movement, signing, puppets, role play, dress up instruments and age appropriate props set to a different theme each week.

We then encourage individual and social play with a different activity each week such as messy play, art or our soft play activity course, each focused on a different area of development, whether it be gross or fine motor skills or balance and co-ordination that your baby will love.

Little Acorns

Suitable for Wobbly Walkers+

Travel with us a short distance to our magical woodland, meet the fairies that live there and explore their home together, including different themed activites and craft each week, linked to our fairy of the season this classes are brilliant to get your little one out into nature and gives your the chance to discover the beauty of the woodland from a new perspective

  • Suitable for Wobbly Walkers+

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